“I am glad you are here…”

“I am going to lie down now. I am glad you are here.”

Words from my mother that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Why are those words so meaningful to me and to others that hear them also?

She is a human being whose heartbeat I know intimately as I spent my formative first months listening to it.  I am connected to it at the photonic (smaller than an atom) level. Simply put “We are connected”!

I am her oldest of 3 children. I am her only daughter, and she has internal fights about leaning on me and not one of my brothers as our Indian culture dictates. She has often been questioned about that by family and friends.

For me it is practicality. It is capacity. It is the qualifications. It is education. It is the environment.

My brothers are capable, qualified, educated and have a loving environment.

The trump card that keeps her with me is practicality.

Her oldest grandchild, my 1st son, holds in her a sense of responsibility that no one on this earth or in heaven can ever change. 

My mom has been there since he was born, and he would tell me the same about her that he wants to live with her!  He cannot tell me as he cannot speak. He was born 10 weeks early and is diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy and is labeled with Mental Retardation… (a topic for another write)

After being together for 38 years… how dare anyone say anything about them living apart?????

She stayed up while I stepped out to get my hair done.  At 10 in the morning, she fought the extreme overwhelming urge to sleep so my son would not be left alone.

And now she naps in the den with my son watching one of his favorite shows on TV.

Life with MrsCardiology…